Rasayana offers several workshops which can take place at a location of your choice or at the common house of Huis Elf in Lebbeke (9280) Belgium. They can be customised to your wishes: content, time frame, combo’s,… Feel free to ask.

  • Soap workshop: We make 100% natural plant based soap. Unlike most soap making processes, no baking soda, nor caustic soda is being used. It is totally safe. All ingredients are readily available in Nature and your kitchen cup board. We make shampoo, shower gel, hand scrub, dish washing liquid and laundry soap. It’s cheap, biodegradable, zero waste and good for your (sensitive) skin. This workshop takes up half a day or can be elaborated to a full day, according to your wishes. We tell you about how soap works, no poo method, hygiene, useful plants,…
  • Herbal self sufficiency: Who dreams about being self sufficient in herbs & spices throughout the year? When do you harvest the plants? How do you dry and store them? How do you make your own spice blends like curry, herbal salt or mix up your own tea blends? Do you want to make an alternative to fermented black tea or coffee? Depending on the season we harvest, dry, prepare and blend several herbs. You go home with lots of recipes and a bunch of home made products that will make your cupboard smell deliciously.
  • Sacred herbal brews: In this workshop we make you taste our special home made brews. Meads and wines were the first ways to preserve the medicinal and mind altering power of herbs. We take you on a magical journey through our ancestral history, spiced up with legends, herbal lore and myths, triggering your taste buds and hearts. Circled around the fire you will experience a ritual night, which will be hard to forget.
  • Wild foraging: Food is everywhere. When supermarkets close down, (s)he who knows the plants will survive. Being able to discover what nourishes you in your environment, will guarantee you a resilient, independent and healthy life. Rasayana takes you on a walk, gathers food and dives into the kitchen to prepare together a wonderful meal.
  • Dream catchers: Dream catchers are easy to make and have a symbolically beautiful meaning. Bring your feathers, beads, shells and bones to personalise and decorate your dream catcher. Traditionally it’s a special gift to new born babies. During crafting we hold space to tell about your dreams. Folklore, ancestral wisdom and scientific knowledge about the fascinating world of dreams will be shared as well.
  • 13 moons + 13 women = 1 nest: Rasayana empowers and teaches women to build their own nest. It’s a unique trajectory to co-create fully natural, affordable architecture. Read more in Dutch… (feel free to ask for more details in English)